PaNdata deliverables

PanData- Europe Data Policy
Contact Rudolf Dimper, ESRF
  • The increasingly high profile of issues surrounding preservation and access of research
  • data makes it important to work towards harmonisation of data polices across the research base.
  • D2.1 - Common policy framework on scientific data
PaNdata-ODI Workpackage 1 Management
Contact Denise Small, STFC/RAL,
  • To establish an effective and efficient collaboration between the partners delivering added value to each participant through shared networking, service, and research activities.
  • To ensure that the project achieves its objectives with the agreed budget and time scales and to the required quality.
  • To report to the Commission as required
  • D1.1 - Project management structures, reporting, risk and quality management procedures
PaNdata-ODI Workpackage 2 Engagement and Dissemination
Contact Frank Schluenzen, DESY,
  • Engagement with other initiatives and dissemination of project results, in particular to other research infrastructures.
PaNdata-ODI Workpackage 3 User Catalogue and AAA Service
Lead PSI
Contact Mirjam van Daalen, PSI,
  • To deploy, operate and evaluate a system for pan-European user identification across the participating facilities and implement common processes for the joint maintenance of that system.
  • D3.1 - Specification of AAA Infrastructure
  • D3.1 - revised version
  • D3.2 - Pilot Deployment of initial AAI service infrastructure
  • D3.3 - Production deployment of AAA infrastructure
  • D3.4 - Evaluation of initial AAA service infrastructure
PaNdata-ODI Workpackage 4 Data Catalogue Service
Contact Milan Prica, ELETTRA,
Objectives This workpackage will deploy, operate and evaluate a generic catalogue of scientific data across the participating facilities and promote its integration with other catalogues beyond the project.
Specifically, we will:
  • develop the generic software infrastructure to support the interoperation of facility data catalogues,
  • deploy this software to establish a federated catalogue of data across the partners,
  • provide data services based upon this generic framework which will enable users to deposit, search, visualise, and analyse data across the partnersā€˜ data repositories,
  • evaluate this service from the perspective of facility users,
  • manage jointly the evolution of this software and the services based upon it,
  • promote the take up of this technology and the services based upon it beyond the project.
  • D4.1 - Requirements Analysis for common data catalogue
  • D4.2 - Populated metadata catalogue with data from the virtual laboratories
  • D4.3 - Deployment of cross-facility metadata searching
  • D4.4 - Benchmark of performance of the metadata catalogue
PaNdata-ODI Workpackage 5 Virtual Laboratories
Contact Thorsten Kracht, DESY,
Objectives To deploy a set of integrated end-to-end user and data services supporting three specific techniques:
  • Structural 'joint refinement' against X-ray & neutron powder diffraction data
  • Simultaneous analysis of SAXS and SANS data for large scale structures
  • Access to tomography data exemplified through paleontological samples
  • D5.1 - Specific Requirements for the Virtual Laboratories
  • D5.1 - Revised version
  • D5.2 - Report on the deployment of the specification of the three virtual laboratories
  • D5.3 - Report on the implementation of the three virtual laboratories
PaNdata-ODI Workpackage 6 Provenance
Contact Brian Matthews, STFC,
Objectives To develop a conceptual framework, which can record and recall the data continuum, and especially the analysis process, and to provide a software infrastructure which implements that model to record analysis steps hence enabling the tracing of the derivation of analysed data outputs.
  • D6.1 - Model of the data continuum in Photon and Neutron Facilities
  • D6.2 - Common ontology definition and definition of tools to support the use of provenance for Photon and Neutron Facilities
  • D6.3 - Tools for building research objects in Photon and Neutron Facilities
  • D6.4 - An Evaluation of Metadata Tools and Methods to Assess the Impact and Value of Provenance Management in the PaNData community
PaNdata-ODI Workpackage 7 Preservation
Lead ILL
Contact Jean-Francois Perrin, ILL,
Objectives To incorporate models and tools oriented towards long-term data preservation into the PaNdata infrastructure, focussing on several aspects considered of benefit: an OAIS-based infrastructure; persistent identifiers; and certification of authenticity and integrity.
  • D7.1 - Implementation of persistent identifiers for PaNdata datasets
  • D7.2 - Mechanisms and tools for information representation and archiving
  • D7.3 - Mechanisms and tools for integrity of Datasets
  • D7.4 - Report on evaluation of preservation mechanisms
Workpackage 8 Scalability
Lead Diamond
Contact Bill Pulford, DLS,
Objectives To develop a scalable data processing framework combining parallel filesystems with a parallelized standard data format (pNexus pHDF5) to permit applications to make most efficient use of dedicated multi-core environments and to permit simultaneous ingest of data from various sources, while maintaining the possibility for real-time data processing.
  • D8.1 - Updated version (2014-06-25)
  • D8.2 - Evaluation of Parallel file systems and MPI I/O implementations
  • D8.3 - Implementation of pNeXus and MPI I/O on parallel file systems
  • D8.4 - Examination of Distributed parallel file systems
  • D8.5 - Demonstrate capabilities reported in D8.3 and D8.4
  • D8.6 - Evaluation of coupling of prototype to multi-core architectures