PaNdata aims to provide a number of service for the scientific user communities as well as the facilities. The services currently available are:

  • The identity provider UmbrellaID. Anyone interested can readily obtain an identity from the Umbrella system. See below for Umbrella-enabled services.
  • The open access tomography database Science 3D offers scientists working on imaging experiments, in particular x-ray tomography, the opportunity to deposit, publish and promote scientific data and any related materials.
  • The PaNdata software catalogue lists software relevant for scientists running experiments at light- or neutron sources. The catalogue is open for anyway who'd like to add or curate entries, comment on software or just download applications. Only requirement is a valid UmbrelllaID.
  • The Debian repository provides a large amount of pre-packaged applications.
  • PaNKOS stands for Photon and Neutron Knowledge Organisation System. It describes various neutron and synchrotron facilities from all over Europe, with information regarding their instruments and techniques used.

Underlying all these services is a common Identity Management-system (IdM), the Umbrella. To use the Umbrella requires obtaining an UmbrellaID. More details about the Umbrella can be found under Umbrella Developments and the Umbrella Flyer.

 Umbrellified Services available

The services which can be accessed using the UmbrellaID is slowly but steadily growing, so check from time to time if you favorite user office implements the UmbrellaID or follow us on twitter, where updates will be announced. Currently four user office fully support the UmbrellaID:

In short time will follow:

In addition, the PaNdata software catalogue also makes full use of the UmbrellaID and there are more to come very soon.