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PaNdata user surveys
User Survey 2012
After succesful conclusion of the user counting survey in 2011, we made another attempt with a slightly extended scope.
Results can be found here.
Note: Latest Update: Oct. 2nd 2013!
User Survey 2011
PaNdata has undertaken a user survey to determine to the total number of unique and active users of the European Neutron and Photon sources. The survey also permits to determine a matrix of common users, and to actually verify that a signigicant fraction of the user communities utilize more just just a single facility from both domains, Neutron and Photon sources.
PaNdata ODI documents
PaNdata ODI - Presentations
All PaNdata ODI presentations can be found under the PaNdata ODI Presentations page
PaNdata ODI - Deliverables
All published deliverables can be found under the PaNdata ODI Work Package page
PaNdata in Siberia
A brief report of PaNdata's contribution to the 19th Synchrotron Radiation conference held at Novosibirsk in Siberia.
Federated Identity Management for Research Collaborations
A PaNdata co-authored paper describing the needs of the research communities, the status of the activities in the FIM domain and highlight specific use cases. The common vision for FIM across these communities will be presented as well the key stages of the roadmap and a set of recommendations intended to ensure its implementation. The initiative was also presented at the Terena Networking Conference 2012 and submitted as a published contribution
Workshop report
Report of the 1. PNI-HDRI & PaNdata ODI workshop 02/2012, Hamburg
PaNdata ODI fact sheet
A brief description of PaNdata ODI drafted for the European Commission
B.Abt et al.: Umbrella, the Authentication and Authorization System for the European Photon / Neutron Facilitiesl
A publication outlining the PaNdata ODI identity management system
PaNdata Europe documents (selected)
Common policy framework on scientific data
One of the core documents of PaNdata proposing a common data policy for research data of experiments at European Photon and Neutron facilities.
Common policy framework on analysis software
Covering development of software, preservation of software and access to software.
Common policy framework on user data
This report discusses motivations and issues for the exchange of “user data” between the partner RIs of PaN-data.
Authentication system
Revised specification of common authentication system
Data standards
Revised specification of data standards
Report on survey of publication repositories, cross-linking and long-term preservation
Poster on data management (in german) presented at the "Nacht des Wissens" (night of knowledge) 2013.
The event presents sciences and infrastructures to the general public and had more than 18.000 visitors.
Poster on Tomography (in german) presented at the "Nacht des Wissens" (night of knowledge) 2013.
Poster for PhotonScience and Eur.XFEL users meetings 2013
Poster for EUDAT 2012 1st conference
General purpose PaNdata ODI poster
presented at ISC 2012
presented at the e-irg concertation meeting, Lyon '11
presented at the e-irg concertation meeting, Lyon '11
General purpose PaNdata Europe poster