7th FIM4R: Federated Identity Management for Research Collaborations meeting

The 7th FIM4R meeting took place in Frascati/Italy 23rd to 24th. Jean-Francois Perrin/ILL presented the Umbrella developments for the PaNdata collaboration (slides). From the summary:

Umbrella is a AAI for Photon and Neutron community (FP7 projects contribute to it). It counts 30.000 users moving from one facility to another; users need access to experiments by using a single persistent user id to have unified access to all tools associated with the experiments. Umbrella is a bridging software with only one authentication server. Services provided to users are: Info & service portal, proposal support, remote experiment access, remote file access and metadata catalogue. There is a strong competition between facilities to get access to resources and therefore it is important that the information received from IDP is restricted to the minimum in order to assure privacy. The authorisation is managed by the facilities.

All contributions can be found on the meeting page.